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Our aim is to make every event an unforgettable experience by providing the perfect soundtrack. Our exceptional musical diversity and flexibility, along with our sense of the audience, are unique and captivate people of all ages. With our distinctive mix style and ability to connect various music genres, we have developed into a special and diverse DJ team. For over 20 years, we have demonstrated our exceptional skills and talent on stage. Our positive, authentic presence, professionalism, and constant musical development make us a popular DJ team. Our experience and drive for continuous improvement have particularly contributed to success in live communication. Throughout our long career, we have successfully executed a variety of event types, creating magical moments.

Malte - DJ Fiks



Malte - DJ Fiks



Malte - DJ FiksDennis - DJ Three D

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Can you DJ at any event?2023-04-20T10:28:20+02:00

Absolutely! We've gained years of experience as DJs in Berlin clubs, major corporate events, and private birthdays. Our priority is to support you in creating the perfect party and crown the day with an unforgettable celebration.

Do you only perform in Berlin and Brandenburg?2023-04-20T10:29:24+02:00

No, we also play at events outside Berlin and Brandenburg. In recent years, we've performed at events in Istanbul, Mallorca, and Luxembourg, among others.

Do you perform as a DJ-team?2024-02-07T13:53:03+01:00

Together, we form the AHHH FRESH DJ-TEAM and offer high-level DJ performances! You can choose between Dennis and Malte. Both of us have very similar DJ histories and perfectly suit your event.

Can you be booked for additional time spontaneously?2020-05-10T22:57:24+02:00

It's no problem to extend the duration spontaneously. This option is part of our services.

Do you make announcements between songs?2023-04-20T10:33:20+02:00

No, we let the music speak for us.
We don't make announcements between songs as we believe it disrupts the atmosphere. However, we are happy to make important announcements or moderate when needed.

When do you set up the equipment, and will it disturb guests?2023-04-20T10:31:53+02:00

We set up the equipment discreetly at a predetermined location upon arrival.

How long does the setup take?2023-04-20T10:31:12+02:00

The setup takes about 90 minutes, depending on the size of the event and the required lighting and sound equipment. This time is not charged; you only pay for the playtime.

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